Benefits of Private Universities

There are numerous college entrants who immediately eliminate top private universities from their lists of prospective institutions, assuming that these private universities are far too costly.  Before you make this mistake, consider the different benefits in opting to attend a private school.  The cost difference is likely not as dramatic as you think it might be, and ultimately, the advantages of attending one of the top private universities may be far grander than you ever imagined.

The Cost Of Education

The raw numbers that are presented in brochures can certainly be a bit shocking, but it is important to remember that the top private universities generally have greater endowment funds, which allows these institutions to provide students with more merit and need-based forms of financial assistance.

With everything considered, it may be surprising to find that you could have the ability to attend an Ivy League school for approximately the same cost as attending a public university.  Your student debt upon graduating may even be less significant.  If you are academically qualified, funding for attending a school, or lack of said funding, is certainly not a good reason to miss out on applying to the school of your dreams.  So complete your FAFSA and take a chance on yourself and your dreams.

The Advantages

The most highly sought-after and prestigious degree programs are often offered at private schools.  Due to the smaller sized classes, students get more undivided attention from their esteemed professors and have a much greater opportunity to foster strong personal relationships with their instructors and mentors.

There is a much greater selection in available extra-curricular activities at the top private universities, making it possible for students to bond with one another and to become lifelong friends.  These institutions can also be more academically enriching than their public counterparts as well, given an abundance of special programs, such as study abroad opportunities.

After having passed the rigorous selection process and been granted admission, you will be entering into a learning environment that is highly competitive.  There are more tutoring options for students at private schools, along with a greater abundance of subject matter labs, study groups and private time with instructors in order to foster success.

Contrary to instruction received at a public university, your freshman year core classes are not likely to be taught by teaching assistants when attending one of the top private universities.

Students who graduate from prestigious and top private universities will generally secure lucrative positions in their chosen fields, immediately after receiving their degrees, making it possible for graduates to pay down educational debt fast and to start building personal wealth.


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