Top 10 Most Popular Online College Majors

So you're still not sure what you want to major in? Don't worry, you're not alone. Selecting a major that is perfect and will give you career stability can be a difficult task. Listed below are 10 of the most popular online college majors based on the job market and what will always be in demand.


A bachelor of business in administration offers a variety of career paths. Many people are pursuing their online degree in business including business communications, information technology, e-business, accounting business management and much more, making it the single most popular undergraduate program in the nation.

Culinary Artist

If you have a love for food, then a culinary degree can lead to an exciting and fulfilling career.


A bachelors of science in Computer Science and Information Systems are both offered online and are usually flexible, offering students comprehensive education in computers in areas such as web development, databases and security among others.

Visual Communications

If you like working with graphics design, animation, illustration and drawing is truly passionate about communicating your ideas and concept through visual media, then this could be a career path for you.

Arts & Liberal Studies

Online Arts and Liberal studies degree programs will give you a wide ranging education covering everything from science to history to human nature, among others. An online major in liberal studies provides you with a wide range of knowledge of the broader world.


Nurses (RN to BSN) are in high demand and is expected to grow at a fast pace due to the current shortage of nurses across the country. There are also medical-related programs such as: medical assisting, health administration, medical transcription, psychology, health care management to choose from.


If you are already in the teaching profession an advanced degree from an accredited online institution can also increase your job opportunities, earnings and career advancements. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, education is now one of the second largest industries in the United States, employing over 2.7 million.

Interior Design

Thinking of a career in Interior design? Interior designers work with clients and other design professionals to plan develop and design functional and attractive plans that will meet the needs of their clients.


Most of the top online colleges and universities offer associate and bachelor degrees in criminal justice, homeland security, criminal justice, forensic and much more. Criminal Justice is one of the most popular online undergraduate degree programs for students.


Some of the most popular fields in engineering are: computer information systems, software development, game and simulation programming and networking. Engineers are always in demand.

I hope the top 10 most popular online college majors will give you an idea about what to major in. These are subject to change with the demand of the market but overall should serve as good reference. If your pick is not listed, don't be discouraged. Remember, it's your education, choose a major that best suits you.


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