What exactly is "continuing education"?

Continuing education is something quite similar to adult education. It has the same target – adult learners and especially the ones who have gone beyond the standard undergraduate college or university years. However, it would be wrong to talk about continuing education and compare it with any other program for education like vocational training. Like the name of it suggests this is some additional education a person can receive after college or university. The student undertaking continuing education programs needs to have some qualification they have gotten prior to that.

The simplest form of continuing education is a post-secondary course or program. Some continuing education programs are intended to provide some professional training, which does not qualify for any degree for the student undertaking this course. There are certain credits given for continuing education courses and this is why many people want to undertake them at some point in their professional development.

Most often continuing education courses are offered by a college or a university and in case you are looking for such a course you should first try to find it in the university you have previously studied and got your degree from. Most often there is a certain division or a school for continuing education which can sometimes be called university extension or an extension school. There are both courses that give credits and ones that do not and they can all provide some continuing education for enthusiasts. If you are looking to enrich yourself, you can surely benefit from a course that does not offer any credits at all since you will not be needing them for your career development.

Not only students can benefit from some continuing education but also some experts that need to get updates in their fields of work and some of these courses might even be compulsory for people with certain professions that require update of skills on regular basis. The ones who have licenses in order to practice a specific profession need to undergo continuing education training every few years and there are even cases when this needs to be done even more commonly. The licenses of such individuals are given for a certain period of time and they cannot be reissued in case the individual does not go to a continuing education training course. This is done in order to encourage all professionals to be more professional when it comes to their work and stay up to date with all the developments related to what they do.

In order to receive some continuing education, people need to attend regular classes that are set in classrooms but there are also some options for studying from a distance. The ones who go to a certain university or college in order to enroll for some continuing education usually choose to attend classes there and get some laboratory work too in case it is needed. However, working people can choose the distance option and still benefit from continuing education in the best way. If you are interested in continuing education leave me a comment or email me and I can point you in the right direction.


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